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Client: Air Europa 


Abril 26,2017 | Creative lead

Objective: Create a 360 advertising campaign to further enter the U.S. market and. Increase brand awareness.

Solution: Demonstrate that Air Europa challenges typical international flights.


Rationale: Flying uncomfortably, spending months saving for a short trip and being stuck at typical tourist destinations is absurd. Traveling is about the experience, creating an everlasting memory of incredible moments. Air Europa provides an updated fleet that addresses several issues encountered by travelers especially when flying in coach, at the same time offering competitive fares.

Client: HCOA Fitness 


July,2019 | Creative lead 

Objective: Create a 360 advertising campaign to generate more leads. 

Solution: Show testimonials of actual members and how the gym has changed their lives.


Client: HCOA Fitness 


August, 2019 | Creative lead 

Objective: Create outdoor advertising to create awareness. 

Solution: Bright and powerful billboards and newspaper ads that reflect the services and personality of the clubs.  


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